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The 10-year Treasury bond yield traded at 2.03 percent today a level not seen since April 2012. We thought it’s a good time to revisit who are the major holders of U.S. Treasury securities.   Some of the data are subject to caveats – noisy as some categories calculated as residuals and group various holders together — and how they are presented should be viewed as good approximations.  

Click on the charts to enlarge and for better resolution.

First, the total public debt of the U.S. government in Q3 2012 was $16.1 trillion (101.6 % of GDP), of which, $11.3 trillion (71.2% of GDP) was held by the public and $4.8 trillion by the government, such as the social security trust fund.   These data are reflected in the table below.

As of yesterday, current total U.S. public debt outstanding is $16.4 trillion, with $11.6 trillion held by the public and…

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